How to delete an app on Apple iPhone


iOS 15 guide How to delete an app on Apple iPhone

Apple iOS is probably one of the most organised and simple-to-use operating systems. Well laid out menus, organised settings and a direct interface has been its key highlights for over a decade now.

Another major aspect of the operating system is the consistency of the functionalities. For instance, the way to delete an app hasn’t changed since almost inception of the operating system.

So, if you are wondering how to delete an app on your Apple iPhone running the latest iOS version, fret not, it is still as simple as it was. Just follow the steps:

How to delete an app from an iPhone
For instance, you want to delete Facebook app from your iPhone. So, scroll through the home screen and look for Facebook app. Once you’ve found the app, tap on hold on the screen until the apps start wiggling.

Now, you’ll see a small ‘-’ icon at the top of the app icon, tap on it to delete the app. In the case of Facebook, tap on the ‘-’ icon to delete it.


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