How to create app folders in Windows 11


How to create app folders in Windows 11

Windows 11 brought a slew of new and elegant design changes to the table. The Start Menu was one of the items in the new Windows that was redesigned. Windows 11’s Start Menu lacks Windows 10’s customisation options. There are no live tiles, no groups, and no other frills. Instead, Windows 11 presents a simple list of pinned apps and suggested files, with limited customisation options.

Microsoft isn’t bringing back the live tiles in Windows 11 (yet), but it is bringing back something that will allow users to customize their experience. In the pinned apps section of the Start menu, users can now create and curate folders.


From the Start menu


Tap and hold on to one app.


Overlay the app onto another app, which creates a folder containing both the apps.

Similarly, you can add more apps to one folder or create more folders.

If the pinned apps section of the Start menu is becoming too cluttered, but you’re not ready to unpin some of them, organising them in folders will help. Folders are similar to groups in Windows 10, which you can use to organize your apps. Organizing your games and productivity apps into separate folders will make your life much easier.


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