Is Your Laptop Battery Draining Fast? Expert ways to fix it (2022)


Is your laptop battery draining fast and you can’t seem to fix it? Learn how to fix various laptop battery problems in simple steps by reading this guide.

You may have asked yourself someday, “why does my laptop battery drain so fast?!” Almost everyone has asked themselves this question at some point, which is why I finally decided to take the topic head-on and discuss a few reasons behind why you may experience a fast laptop battery drain, and what can you possibly do to keep this from happening again in the future.

Why is My Laptop Battery Draining So Fast?

Usually, one of the most common causes of laptop battery failure is a discharged battery or an old battery.

If your laptop’s battery is old, it can quickly run out, so it’s time to replace the battery. Besides, there are several other causes of laptop battery problems.

  • Laptops have many external devices. These include fans, wireless mouse supplies, and other items that can be connected to your laptop’s USB port.
  • The laptop screen can be very bright. A bright screen needs more power for it to work.
  • The connections you are using are not working or are not needed. This includes the Bluetooth connection not working properly or the Wi-Fi signal not being fair.
  • The laptop’s backlight function consumes more battery than expected. This includes the backlight inside the keyboard.
  • You can also use the discs on your laptop. The assumption is that your laptop has a disk drive. The extra pressure and force generated by the device can quickly damage the battery.
  • You have many programs running on my computer. These contain many programs and consume more memory and data on your computer. Sometimes these programs can run in the background, but not all programs are easy.

These issues are noteworthy. However, working with them is not too difficult if you know how to eliminate your efforts.

How to Fix the Laptop Battery Draining Fast Problem

You need to understand how to extend the battery life of your laptop.

To resolve the battery issue on your HP, Lenovo, ASUS, Dell, or Windows 10, Windows 11, consider the following suggestions. These relate to easily resolvable firmware or faulty system configurations.

However, if your laptop’s battery is old or malfunctioning, you should consider replacing the battery.

1. Adjust the brightness setting of your laptop screen

As you may know, system performance is one of the key components powered by a battery. Therefore, it is recommended that this be done first if the Dell or HP laptop battery is draining rapidly.

Brightness settings can be found in the taskbar shortcuts or Check the laptop control panel and adjust the brightness from there. Alternatively, use the function keys to increase or decrease the brightness.

Alternatively, you can go to Settings > System > Display and adjust the display settings to the desired level. In either case, check the sharpness of the screen and reduce the hue if necessary. Do not overuse your laptop as it can drain the battery faster.

2. Disable Your Keyboard’s Backlight for longer battery life

In some premium laptops, we also get the feature of a backlight on the keyboard. While it can help you type in the dark, it can also cause issues like laptop battery draining fast. To fix this, you can use the keyboard shortcuts (like Function + F5 key for HP) to adjust the brightness.

Besides that, you can also go to your system’s Control Center > Mouse and Keyboard and disable this feature under the “Keyboard Backlight” section.

3. Configure your laptop power settings

The Laptop computer’s operating system must include a menu or setting that allows you to adjust the power usage settings. This provides help to control when the laptop goes to sleep and when the screen turns off. These modes allow your laptop to save energy. The screen will not be active.

Even in sleep mode, features such as laptop fans will stop. You can exit sleep mode by pressing a button on your laptop. At this time, battery usage will decrease sharply.

Simply go to Settings> System> Power and Sleep and adjust the sleep and screen time settings when the system is on or hibernating.

Make sure the timing is right. After a few minutes of inactivity, the laptop can be put into sleep mode. Still, the laptop should be timed according to standard usage plans for the laptop to work correctly. If desired, you can also go to “Other Power Settings” from here to run custom or balanced schemes on your system. From here, you can also create a power plan.

4. Check the Network Connection on your computer

If you have many network devices connected to your system, your laptop’s battery will also drain. If you are not in the available Wi-Fi link area or do not need to be online at this time, you need to disable the Wi-Fi setting.

To do this, go to System Settings> Network Connections and check the currently active connection.

In some Windows versions, it appears in Control Panel> Network and Internet> Network Connections.

Here you can select any network and click the right mouse button to disable or forget it. In this way, you can decrease the number of active network connections on your laptop. The same is true for Bluetooth links. If you don’t want to link anything over the cable, turn off all Bluetooth settings.

5. End Unnecessary Programs from Running

There would be lots of unwanted programs and applications running in the background, draining your system’s battery. To fix the Dell battery problem, you can just check the background applications and turn the unwanted programs off. You can do the same to fix Acer, Asus, HP, Lenovo, and other manufacturers’ laptop battery problems as well.

For this, just go to your computer’s Settings > Privacy > Background Apps. If you want, you can turn off the background app feature from here entirely or just enable/disable the feature for selected apps. I would recommend turning it off for a while to prevent so many apps from running in the background.

How to Charge Laptop battery for Long Life

One thing to remember is how to charge your laptop battery. You can charge the battery by following the steps below so that the unit can continue to operate as needed.

1. Do not short circuit battery power

To shorten the battery, you need to connect the battery terminals. People often do this to drain the battery.

However, it can be dangerous to ignite. You need to avoid draining the battery this way. Otherwise, the battery will stop working depending on its capacity.

2. No need to wait for the laptop battery to charge after fully drained

Batteries have evolved into places where they do not need to be charged to consume energy. After using the laptop, you need to start charging the battery.

3. It’s perfectly fine to use the laptop while charging the battery

Using a laptop with this routine does not slow down the charging process. If handled correctly, the battery will not deteriorate quickly.

4. Do not keep plugged in the fully charged battery for a long time

Finally, check the battery charge time. Do not connect a fully charged battery to the socket for an extended period of time.

Do not keep your laptop connected for a long time when the battery is fully charged. Once connected, the battery may overheat and malfunction. This accelerates and shortens battery life.

When using a notebook computer, do connect the battery to a power outlet. Because it uses the battery as its power source, you can choose to use your laptop when the battery is connected.

At that time, make sure that the unit does not overheat or wear out. However, for safety reasons, the battery should be checked carefully.

5. Be sure to use the battery after charging

Once the battery is fully charged, do not wait to start using the battery. Instead, be prepared to use the battery until it is charged.

At this point, the battery should be fully activated and ready to use without conflict.

Suppose you do not use a fully charged battery for an extended period of time. In that case, the battery will discharge much faster.

The battery must be active so that it does not run on electricity. You can use it to work hard to keep the battery charged in the desired state.

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