Japan’s Nidec plans to unify chip procurement amid supply shortage


Japans Nidec plans to unify chip procurement amid supply shortage

Electric motor maker Nidec Corp. said that it would combine group semiconductor purchases into a single procurement unit to strengthen ties with chip makers and ensure it could source key components amid continued uncertainty over supplies.

“The chip industry environment is more uncertain than it has ever been,” said Ryuji Omura, deputy chief technology officer of Nidec, makes motors for electric vehicles, household appliances and other products.

The company’s decision to centralize procurement is a sign that chip shortages, which have affected automakers in particular, may persist and are forcing companies to implement more aggressive measures to ensure they have enough components to meet demand for their products and devices.

Toyota Motor Corp, the world’s biggest carmaker by volume, cut its global production plan this month by 100,000 vehicles because of chip shortages and other pandemic-related disruptions.

Denso Corp., one of Toyota’s key suppliers, agreed to buy a 10 percent stake in a semiconductor plant being built in Japan by Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co to help secure supply of microcontroller chips.

Omura said that, as part of its “make or buy” procurement strategy, Nidec would also work more closely with suppliers in chip design and production. He spoke during a presentation on the company’s new chip strategy.

The company is expanding production of energy-saving e-axle electric-vehicle motors in a bid to capture as much as 45 percent of the expanding global market by 2030.


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